Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

"Mad Max: Fury Road" (CCK: 8.2/10; RMM: 6.8/10; IMDB: 8.9; Rotten Tomatoes: 98%)

Premise: Woman tries to liberate sex slaves from their fate in a post-apocolyptic society.  She's helped by two dudes.

CCK Review:  Gorgeous.  Ugly.  Anxiety Producing.  Violent.  A bit repetitive in some of the many, many chase scenes, but I wasn't bothered by that (Ray was).  So many cool women.  Young, old, one-armed.  The sex slaves are super model gorgeous (probably because they're all played, WONDERFULLY might I add, by model/actors) and the person trying to save them is Charlize Theron, so it's not like beauty standards have totally been subverted, but overall this felt delightfully different in terms of the position and status of the female characters.  Tom Hardy as Mad Max is great.  He's got limited dialog, but what he's got makes an impact and he spends a good fifth of the movie behind a face mask because, Bane.  Nicholas Hoult, as a young, eager to succeed (but doomed to failure until he isn't) "Dead Boy", is once again, perfect in this role.  I always expect him to not be as good as the last time I saw him, but he has not disappointed me yet.  I will definitely need to see this again.  Bonus points for the insane rolling stereo vehicle which cracked me up every time.


  1. Wow. I had no intention whatsoever of seeing this. Now...maybe...

  2. Jeff it's so funny. As I was watching it I kept thinking "Jeff should see this inspite of the violence." "No maybe he shouldn't this is super violent." "Oh but dystopias and a hideous/adorable dead boy."